Mariano's Brief Bio - work in progress!

1913 Born July 26, 1913 in Leon, Mexico in the State of Guanajuato.
The bells in the steeples of the St. Nicholas Church(?) were made by his grandfather and great grandfather
1921 Came to the US and lived in Holliday, KS in a box car.  He liked to hunt for squirrels and rabbits.
Favorite past times as a child were swimming and fishing in the Kaw River, sledding, hiking.
He was the catcher on his basebal team.  He was good at spelling bees and math contests.
1927 At the age of 14, he rode the “Super Chief” train all alone to Berkeley, California to visit family.
1930's Worked for the Santa Fe railroad.  He also worked on cars, including Model T's and Model A Fords.
Ramon Navarro was his favorite actor.  Also like Will Rogers and Tarzan movies.
His first date with Elisa was to Fairyland Park.
They were married on November 6, 1937
David was born on January 12, 1939.
1940's Started working for Swift & Co in 1940 or 1941
Lived in Armourdale
Esther was born on February 22, 1942
1950's Endured the great flood of July 1951
Moved from Armourdale to the house on Early St.
Endured the birth of Richard on September 29, 1951
Cindy was born on December 15, 1955
Drove the 1956 Ford Galaxie 500
1960's David graduated from KU and was married.
1st grandchild, Colette, was born.
He worked diligently on the new church that his family attended
1965 Family took road trip to California to visit the Sanchez' in Santa Monica. 1964 Rambler Classic w/AC!
Stopped at Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest.
1967 Esther was married on March 25, 1967
1970's Grandpa drove a 1971 Plymouth Satellite
Richard was married August 30, 1974
1978 Grandpa retired from Swift & Co
1980's Cindy was married March 14, 1981
Enjoys the grandchildren
Attended KU basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse
Traveled to Washington, D.C., Disneyland, San Diego
Took trips to the Ozarks
Enjoyed fishing at Wyandotte Co Lake, Perry and Clinton lakes
Took fishing trip to Toledo Bend Lake in Texas
1990's Traveled to Disneyworld, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington, D.C.
Enjoys gardening
Had season tickets for KU football for many years
Still works on cars
1996 Elisa passed away on February 12, 1996
Mariano and Elisa celebrated 59 years of marriage
Enjoys all his great grandchildren
2000's Still working on cars, going to various sporting events, running back and forth to Lawrence
2013 Misha and Lauren announce they are having a baby boy!  (mid-September)
The 15th great grandchild will carry Mariano as his middle name
A new tree will sprout.